First American Bank
P.O. Box 0794
Elk Grove, IL 60009-0794

This disclosure contains information about terms, fees, and interest rates for some of the accounts we offer.

Interest Rates and Annual Percentage Yields are current as of July 24, 2017.   For current rate information call (847) 952-3700.


Account Processing Services:
    Student Checking:
      Account Closed within 6 months $50.00
    All Other Accounts - Checking & Savings:
      Account Closed within 6 months $25.00
    Return Deposit Item (Charge Back) $15.00
    Re-deposit Charge Back $4.50
    Return Notification of large (>$2,500) NSF item $25.00
    Overdraft Fee (Paid Items maximum 6 per day) $39.50
    Returned Item Fee $39.50
    Continuous Daily Overdraft excluding HSAs
      Every day the account is overdrawn, starting 3 days
      after the account is first overdrawn $5.00
    Stop Payment Fee:
      Placement $35.00
      Online Fee $30.00
      Renewal $35.00
    Card Related Services:
      Card Replacement Fee $10.00
      Card Replacement Fee – Rush $25.00
      International Transaction Fee 2.75%
      Balance Inquiry $2.00
      ATM Deposits Free
      Account to Account Transfers at any ATMs Free
      Withdrawals at First American Bank ATMs Free
      Withdrawals at Allpoint & Presto! ATMs Free
Excluding Health Savings Account customers
      Withdrawals at all other ATMs $3.00

Check Services:
    Foreign Draft $35.00
    Collection Services (plus cost and exchange fees) $45.00
      Incl. Canadian Checks in Canadian Dollars > $5000
      Canadian in USD > $5000
      Any other checks in foreign currency
    Canadian Check in Canadian < $5000 (plus 3% exchange fee) $5.00
    Canadian Check in USD < $5000 $5.00
    Official Check $8.00

Cash Processing Services:
    Zipper Bag $15.00

Other Services:
    Coupon Redemption (per envelope) $10.00
    Dormant Account Fee not including Health Savings Accounts $10.00
    Garnishment, Levy, Restraining Order or Citation Fee $175.00
    Subpoena Copy Request (per item) $1.00
    Subpoena Research - per hour (minimum charge $45.00) $90.00

Special Services:
    Research (minimum charge $45.00) $90.00 / hour
    Account Verification Letter $10.00
    Copy of Canceled Check or Deposit Item $7.50
    Paper Statement $3.95
    Copy of statement (with images) $7.75
    Audit Confirmation & VOD $20.00
    Auction Letter $50.00

    Withdrawal of Excess Contribution (per occurrence) –Health Savings Account $20.00
    Account Transfer Fee – Health Savings Account $25.00
    HSA Transaction Corrections (incl. prior year) $20.00
    Excess Money Market/Savings Transactions (per month) $10.00

    Optional Services:
    Everyday Rewards Checking, Student Checking, Free Checking
    Fresh Start Checking, Personal Checking, Classic Checking*,
    & All Money Market Accounts:
      Check Images (fronts and backs) $7.50
      Check Images (fronts only) $5.00
    Private Banking, Optimal Checking, Health Savings:
      Image (fronts & backs) $2.50
      Check Images (fronts only) Free

Transfer Services:
    Account Link Transfer $10.00
    Customer Requested Transfer through Customer Service $10.00
    International Wire Transfer $40.00
    Incoming Wire Transfer $15.00
    Outgoing Wire Transfer $25.00
    Outgoing Repetitive Wire Transfer (each) $15.00

Safe Deposit Box:
    Safe Deposit Box - Key Replacement $30.00
    Safe Deposit Box - Lost Keys, Drilling $167.50

*Products previously offered. No longer available to be opened