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This disclosure contains information about terms, fees, and interest rates for some of the accounts we offer.

Interest Rates and Annual Percentage Yields are current as of May 29, 2017.   For current rate information call (847) 952-3700.

E-Statement Disclosure

Effective April 15, 2004

We are required to provide you with a periodic record of the transactions on your account. We refer to this record as an Account Statement. Similarly, we are required to provide you with notices concerning events that affect your account. These events include, but are not limited to, a change of the interest rate we pay on certain variable rate deposit account, the approach of the maturity date of a certificate of deposit, the occurrence of an overdraft, and changes in the terms and conditions that govern your account.

You may consent to receive these records electronically. If you do so, we will provide these records in the form of an E-Statement or an E-Notice. We will produce these documents on the same schedule as we would produce the paper version. When we do so, we will let you know that an E-Statement or E-Notice is available for your review by sending a message to the email address you have given us. You agree to let us know of any change to your email address.

To update the email address we have on file, log in to our on-line Banking Service, select the “My Profile” tab and enter the change. To access an E-Statement or E-Notice, log in to our on-line Banking Service, select “Statements” or “Notices” and follow the instructions to locate the desired record. Under our current program, E-Statements and E-Notices will be available for you to view or download to your own personal computer as an Adobe® Portable Document File (“PDF”) for fifteen months after the date on which they are created. If you need a copy of an E-Statement or E-Notice you can request a copy through an electronic form available on our on-line Banking Service’s Statement page. A fee may apply, so please refer to our Schedule of Fees.

Your consent to receive an E-statement applies to all deposit accounts on which you are the primary account holder. You are considered the primary account holder on an account if your social security number is used to report the earnings on that account to the Internal Revenue Service.

You may withdraw your consent to receive E-Statements from us at any time. If you do so, a monthly fee may be charged to your account. Please refer to our Schedule of Fees to determine if such a charge applies to any of your account. To withdraw your consent, you must contact our Customer Service Department during business hours by calling (847) 952-3700 ,(815) 729-8050 or
(815) 935-7055. If you withdraw your consent to receive E-Statements and E-Notices in lieu of paper statements or notices, we will begin to produce paper versions as soon as your instructions are recorded on our account records. We will mail these to you as long as we have a valid street address for you.

In order to access and store an E-Statement or an E-Notice, you will need to access the Internet using a computer equipped with the following programs: a) Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or higher or Netscape version 5.0 or higher; and Adobe Acrobat® Reader version 4.0 or higher. By clicking the Accept button, you agree to accept electronic delivery of statements and you acknowledge that you can view and retain this information. To facilitate the delivery of these electronic documents, we recommend, but do not require, that you use a high speed internet connection such as may be achieved using broadband services.


By signing the signature card you acknowledge that you have received and understand this disclosure and all the specific Terms and Conditions for the type of account that you are opening. Furthermore, you acknowledge and understand that you have consented to the delivery of all account statements and other notices electronically as E-Statements, or E-Notices as the case may be, if it is so required by the type of account that you are opening. You also understand and acknowledge that a monthly fee will apply if you choose to receive paper copies of your account statements. (Please refer to the Fee Schedule for the applicable fee).